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the Spirit

Ibiza Hair was founded by Aaron Johles, son of the late Max Johles. Born in Vienna, in 1927, Max Johles was a former professional soccer player and talented Cantor, who began distributing brushes and other hair gadgets out of the back of his car in Los Angeles since in the 1960's. Top salons in Beverly Hills and other affluent areas immediately began to embrace Max, identifying with his unique vaudeville persona and, of course, his impeccable choice in fine all natural hair care products.

In 2000, Max became confined to home hospice, so Aaron Johles decided to keep his father’s dream alive and began the process of creating a line of high quality all natural hair brushes called Ibiza. Max left this world just days before Aaron’s first shipment of product arrived from Spain. Max's blessings were clearly present within that shipment, and his spirit now lives on through every Ibiza product. Just as with his father before him, affluent Los Angeles salons immediately embraced Aaron’s fine brushes. Fans of the brushes continue to grow nationwide.

the Name

How did we get the name Ibiza Hair?

While Spain was under the Franco Regime through 1970, most of Spain was isolated to all of the beautiful things that the 1960’s brought to this world. During that time, the nearby Island of Ibiza was a neutral zone open to imports of fashion, music and hair. Ibiza embraced freedom then and now, spawning the notion of “Hippie Chic”. In fact, the Hippy Market in Ibiza is still open today, as Ibiza continues to thrive as one of the epicenters of the world in fashion, music, hair and an overall good time.

We chose the name Ibiza because hair should have freedom and movement, with a modern edge. Like Ibiza, your hair should be playful and fun, with a bit of rebelliousness mixed in!


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